OPT-IN! — A Marketing and Sales Podcast

Welcome to the OPT-IN! podcast. Each week we talk with industry influencers and dig into the marketing and sales strategies that have made their businesses successful.
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OPT-IN! — A Marketing and Sales Podcast

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Jul 21, 2016

Today we’re sitting down with Joanna Weibe to talk about the content marketing mistakes you need to avoid like the plague.

Joanna is the founder of Copy Hackers—a service that helps startups accelerate their growth through content marketing. They promise to help make your your content more persuasive, believable and usable, it says so right on their website ;)

On this episode of the Opt-In! podcast, you’ll learn:

  • Why good content marketing can’t be cheap or easy
  • The dangers of using words like kick-ass and mofo to make youself standout
  • Some tips on weaving your sales pitch inside of your content without looking shady

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